Mystery Busy Box


This is one of the best selling busy box in our shop, The Mystery Busy Box! Little Busy Boxes - Mystery busy box DIY learning supplies aim to help your child develop communication skills by guessing, asking questions and learning new words while it helps babies develop tactile and sensory awareness.

Although it is a secret box, we will give you a little clue of what we can create for your child, kindly click and scroll down the THEMES we offer found in the order form. 

For more details in ordering a Mystery Busy Box, please read below:


Here's the process: 

Complete the order information form. The more specific information you provide about your child the better we can tailor their Maths learning supplies to their interests, skills and needs.

The product photos you see are examples of the products that we tailor-made for HenryIt's Henry's first name sensory made by his mum Olivia. Click this link to see Henry and Olivia doing their first mum and son DIY project. He is around 7 months old at this time. A perfect age when babies could see and focus full spectrum of colours, could see much farther away, and is becoming much more aware of colourful things around them.


Here's what you and your child will receive:

  • A mystery box full of surprises
  • A "hands-on investigation questionnaire for children 3 to 12 years of age
  • The box is labelled with your child's name and the name of activity we create for them.  Our boxes are 100% recyclable and sturdy. It's perfect to store your child's growing toy and activity collections.
  •  3 small personalised and reusable stencils for you and your child to use in decorating their Mystery Busy Box. Your child can also draw, write,  scribble, paint and put stickers on their Mystery Busy box.
  • DIY toys / learning supplies with small items carefully packed 
  • Digital DIY - guide you and your child can follow and / or modify 
  • A little gift for mum 


Here's your order's turnaround time: 7 to 10 working days

Our turnaround time means the time we process and make your order which does not include shipping time. We will keep you in the loop the loop on where we are at in the production process. 


Shipping time 

We dispatch all orders through NZ POST. Please be advised that the courier people handling your parcel are doing their best to deliver your parcel on time but there are times that your parcel may be delayed due to unforeseen events. If you are ordering from overseas, please click link NZ POST OVERSEAS DELIVERY UPDATES  before ordering.

New Zealand - 2-3 working days, tracked & signature required

Australia - 2-6 working days, tracked & signature required 

Rest of the world

  • International courier - 3-10 working days, tracked 
  • International express courier - 2-6 working days, tracked & signature required


Kindly read more about our shipping and general store policies before you place your order.


Materials & Safety standards

We follow the New Zealand Toy Safety standards. All DIY supplies you will receive and to be assembled with your child are selected appropriately according to your child's age and carefully labelled with safety warnings. Remember however, that there is no substitute, at any age, for appropriate adult supervision.

Please don't hesitate to chat with us if you have any questions or should you need more details about our Mystery Busy Box.