You Are My Sunshine

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A beautiful addition to your child's bedroom or yours. Let your child express their handprint or footprint creativity to complete the look of your new "You Are My Sunshine" keepsake.  It comes with free date & age decals for you and your family to remember that beautiful day when you painted it. 


Painting, Keepsake, Wall Décor

Wall Adhesive

This product comes with non-toxic, recyclable and heavy duty double sided Nano wall adhesive. Nano tape can be removed easily & leaves no residue. Please check the condition of your painted wall (not flaking) before attaching the product. Keep the surface clean before pasting. Be careful on precarious surfaces and avoid the surface of the wall to fall off. 


Natural wood with vinyl decals and Nano wall adhesive

Natural wood may show vivid wood grain, dent or discoloration.

This is not a sealed wood. After painting, you can seal and polish the product with beeswax or other wood sealer. It's optional but sealing would definitely add more life to your décor!


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