Who we are

Nico & Friends Little Busy Boxes are handcrafted in New Zealand.

Our busy boxes are specially personalised for children ages newborn to 12 years old. Our boxes include build your own-DIY educational toys, gifts, decors, and learning supplies. Your child will be so excited to receive our boxes by mail, open them up and start creating with you!

Our busy boxes are tailored to fit your child's interests, strengths, needs and personality. Our busy boxes provide your child opportunities to freely and comfortably share their thoughts, ideas and feelings by building. A small step that will contribute to your child's intellectual, social, emotional and physical milestones in preparation for school and life.

Learning through making is our aim: and making is fun!

Let's get BUSY! 

The Little Busy Boxes Team

and Kaye Founder, Toy Maker, Former Teacher, & Nico's Mum

If I could be of assistance, you require further information or you have some awesome suggestions, feel free to contact me. 

Instagram @littlebusyboxes

Email hello@littlebusyboxes.co.nz