Ready Made Arts & Crafts - DIY Animal & Colour Pairs

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Ready Made Arts & Crafts  - DIY Animal & Colour Pairs

This set is curated for children who love painting and sewing. It is also a fun parent & little one's activity.


DIY: Sponge Painting & Sewing     Finished: Matching Animals & Colours

This set includes a Little Busy Boxes storage box and the following:

  • 4 DIY wooden boards (15cm x 13cm) with solid animal stencil stuck on the front of each board to be painted on and the back of the boards are completed with squares with colours intended to be used for the painting activity
  • 4 pairs DIY fabric felt animals (approximately 15-20cm length) to be sewn and stuff with polyester-fill basting 
  • One 58cm x 30cm flattened (to easily insert it in the box) polyester-fill basting
  • Four 3m thread
  • 1 needle 
  • Instruction

What you will need? 

  • Sponge brush & craft paint for kids